Vise Accessories

Vise Accessories

Anywhere C-Clamp This clamp is very large and sturdy. The Anywhere C-Clamp lives up to its name since it will fit on a 3-inch deep tabletop.

Round Vise Base The heavy Round Vise Base fits most vises and features four holes for holding your favorite tools.

Flat Vise Base The Flat Vise Base is a black powder coated steel base with a cork bottom and fits most vises.

Big Foot Vise Base The Big Foot Vise Base features an extra large steel base with a cork recess, a hackle gauge, and two spool posts.

Pro Vise ClampThe Pro Vise Clamp will fit most vises.

Vise Extender If you are looking for more space and comfort when tying, the Vise Extender is what you need. This stout steel attachment adds extra space for added comfort at your tying table.

Bobbin CradleThis adjustable Bobbin Cradle gets the bobbin out of your way and is a great help when working with dubbing loop techniques.

Parachute Tool The Parachute Tool is very simple but effective when tying parachute flies.

GarbagAre you tired of cleaning up the bits and pieces left over after tying. The answer is the Garbag. It hangs from the bottom of your vise and catches the mess.

Material Spring Need to keep materials out of the way while tying? A Material Spring or Clip is the answer.

Base StationThe Base Station is a unique, solid oak, pedestal vise base that is loaded with creative features:

  • Three spool dispensers neatly allow you to pull material from a wire or tinsel spool without tangling
  • Two hook and bead dishes conveniently hold your hooks without fear of loss
  • Three dubbing dispensers with magnetic lids can be easily loaded and unloaded prior to fly tying
  • Six tool holders keep your bobbins, scissors, hackle pliers, and whip finishers nearby

(Products not included)

Vise Tray These cast iron Vise Trays are very handy and attach to the stem of your vise.